Theme song, Updated Links, and no more spam.

Wow you guessed it, this week in wrap up:

The theme song page has been added. Amazing, it even required it’s own widget install. Wow.

The links page now features Doom Bot feed, as well as some slack feed. Imaginative.

No more spam! That’s right, I manually cleared out all of the 170 spam posts about new supplements.

Who knows what the future will hold?

Last Class

It’s been fun. See all of you around, definitely not because we all live in the same hall or anything. Stop by from time to time to hear somebody screaming at the tv.

Game Design – Prototype

For my final project I’ll be making a Text based RPG with D&D like elements. The format will be a little buggy as it would take a pretty long time to code the whole thing, so I’ll be doing the powerpoint trick suggested in class. Essentially each menu of the game will be represented by a powerpoint slide, and the slides will link to each other. Should work, probably.

Game challenges 3 + 4 (3.5)

Challenges 3 and 4 fell into the same category. For game 3.5, I made a DnD style campaign, where players have to either find a way out of the house, or solve the mystery in the house to win. Not all players can win, and it’s supposed to be more of a casual one-off type of game. There are items to be gained, secrets to find, and etc. The game has about 2 pages front and back of options and events that can occur, so it took a little more effort than I expected. Also, I’m the DiCaprio of art.

Game Design

The game I’m looking to design right now will be similar to the skeleton of a board game drafted for our first challenge. It’ll have D&D like elements mixed with a Choose Your Own Adventure feel. To do this, it’ll have to be an online program. If you haven’t already, I believe the first prototype was posted on the website earlier for viewing.

Minor Website tweaks, Viral Posts, Patreon

Put a couple more thematic changes on the website. Might update the slider to rotate through more than three images, and add a custom vertical sidebar to replace the blue links soon.

At the very least, the spambots enjoy the website. They seem to like telling me how to make my website go viral through one quick, easy method.

If you use, or have used Patreon ever before, check out the website / change your password. Apparently some user data was breached earlier this week, and it really hasn’t gotten publicity unless you constantly view the website, or heard by word of mouth.

Gamification: Captain Up, and Slidebars

Added Captain Up to the website, and used a plugin to make a customized slidebar against the top. There are a couple of neat things with the Captain Up plugin, and a couple of not-so-neat things.

Captain Up adds some neat badges and shows user statistics about your website. It feels, and looks nice. It’s fairly flexible and the achievements for it can vary in difficulty. However, the badge limit is capped at 10 without upgrading your account, and while trying to work with it, it does kind of force the whole “Buy our product” down your throat. Also, user images are dependent upon having a facebook / twitter account, which is not so great.

It does add a game like style to the website, which is nice. There are some other widgets that branch off of it that might be neat to get into, but that’s for later.


Challenge 2: We buy misery edition.

For this game, you play as one of four evil corporations:

To win this game, you must get a total of 50 “stocks” to buy out Youtube. Stocks are earned through rolls.

Each evil corporation has their own unique ability. For example, Comcast has “Throttle” reducing a players roll to one.

The first person to a total of 50 wins the game, and gets to decide what to do with Youtube. Turn it into Myspace, spam it with ads, do whatever.