Website Update Pt. 4

Another round of website updates. These are a bit of a mix between content and site maintenance.


– Added new video project to videos page, including source material, and the ds project page
– Added new Daily creates to the corresponding page
– Cleaned out old media
– Removed legacy site backups
– Adjusted some settings regarding backups in the website Cpanel
– Updated host/admin role passwords (they were nearing two years..)

I was receiving emails regarding the inability to backup because my website had ran out of storage. UMW doesn’t give much space by default, and it seemed like it stopped clearing out old backups for some reason.
Likewise, if you add media and don’t use it, it’ll clog up whatever little space remains.

Website Update Pt. 3


Website Updates (11/15/2017):

– More spam filtering, they’re devout to their cause(s).
– Updated Daily Creates page
– Updated Video page
– Edited sidebar to remove unnecessary plugins (recent comments, etc.)
– Removed legacy plugins that didn’t have any implementation

More to come.

Website Update Pt. 2

This week there are a couple more updates to address.

Changelog 11/6/2017:

– Created video page to start hosting DS video content (link temporarily unavailable)
– Updated meta slider to include more Daily Creates
– Updated daily create page to host current daily creates, as well as updated meta slider
– Flushed more spam
– Updated some minor text coloration for hyperlinks

Eventually I’ll get around to fixing the main page slider to include more coding project samples.

But as I’m currently working on a couple of those, it’ll have to wait.

Website Overhaul

Originally I created this website for my Freshmen Seminar, and adapted it to Digital Storytelling. After two years, it had gotten a little stale, the posts were outdated, and some of the modification I made to the website for my seminar didn’t fit the new class well.

The old version was more in line with the seminars feel. It’s now a bit more practical, and falls in line with my CompSci field.

Change log:
– Changed website theme, customized new theme (Sparkling)
– Separated posts / DS work into different locations, including a new DS page
– Updated navigation bar
– Archived older posts, removed image only posts
– Created a new slidebar for dailycreates
– Created a new slidebar for outside CS code
– Updated sidebars for main and misc pages
– Updated website title and description
– Removed previous slidebar
– Removed CaptainUP widget

Much more went on behind the scenes than noted, but those are the most visible updates.

DS106 Week 8 Audio

Here’s my own assignment. I’m a sucker for From Software. The sample for the assignment is composed of two audio soundtracks weaved in and out, with a little fading / volume management. I really enjoy good soundtracks, so I thought this would be a fun one to work with.

The audio itself is hosted on that page, or, I’ve added a new audio tab that hosts some of the recent projects as well as this file.

I’ve also removed the calendar widget. It was getting old.