Final Project Details


Here’s an overview of the audio editing I did for our final project. I also revamped certain aspects of the website – cleaning up posts, finalizing some image sliders, etc. to format the website for post class use.

I was going to originally host my audio on soundcloud, but the auto copyright detection seems to ignore remixes, so it’s being hosted locally.

Audio page:

Note – I set the gain for these tracks based on my personal volume preference. If it’s low, it might be a pc to pc setting difference.

Song 1 – Melody – BoTW Theme Mash-Up

– Combined two different soundtracks
– Faded first out into second to give it a flow
– Reduced levels of second track to keep with lighter volume of first
– Made the high notes peak more in the first track by adding a bit of compression
– Added bass / treble to the second half to put more emphasis on the track difference
– Brought down the highs in the second half to reinforce the previous change.

Overall for this track I wanted to bring two iconic soundtracks together, and blend them well. The themes are somewhat similar, and I wanted to highlight the differences while keeping them linked in style.

Song 2 – Beat It

– Shortened fade out time by moving the fade a couple seconds up.
– Equalized some of the lows to focus more on the MJ’s higher notes
– Removed extra fade out / blank sound length
– Compressed audio to also help with highlighting notes
– Reduced vocal volume overall – slightly – to help bring both the vocals and the beat to a good level
– The goal here was to focus on enhancing something that I didn’t feel had too many issues for me. The biggest change was the shift towards the vocals.

Song 3 – In the Gas Pedal Tonight

– Attempt at mixing different genres
– Cut first track in half, faded out ending into intro
– Faded in second track
– Faded out second tracks ending
– Cut second tracks blank space near the ending
– Equalized Gas Pedals track
– Added extra bass / treble
– Reduced the gain of Gas Pedal, increased the gain of In the Air

Here I tried to mix two songs that were pretty different, but flowed well enough-ish to mash up. The biggest changes made were again, highlighting the differences in the songs while trying to flow them together.

Song 4 – Doctor

– Cut out intro vocal verse
– Cut out middle vocal verse
– Shortened final vocal verse
– Added compressor to volume, faded out audio and cut out blank air, reduced gain slightly to remove some audio spikes

The idea here was to cut out some of the overthrown vocals. There a couple of songs that go heavy on the vocal verses, and I know some people aren’t too much a fan, so I left in the vocals that had a good transition from the main song, and removed the vocals that were thrown in to increase song length.